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Client Evaluations

Posted October 1, 2013


James Carden (Exec. Director) has the type of practical knowledge and enthusiasm about the work, and passion for seeing others succeed that helps drive innovative thinking about operating a business.--Janice B., Panola

The help with the advertising and social media was extremely helpful!--Holly I., Lafayette

Great information, this was a great meeting with my counselor.  He gave me very detailed information on the industry I'm currently involved in.--Damien W., Coahoma

Excellent information and great brainstorming of ideas and what ifs.--Mary Margaret A., Lafayette

The infomation was very informative and I am grateful for Mr. Carden to share updated and current, relevant data.  Thanks!--Anne-Marie J., Panola

Great chance to work at our vision to help search out tools that would ensure our success.--Wayne D., Lafayette

I'm overwhelmed with the information from James Carden--can't wait to learn more!--Katherine K., Lafayette

Mr. Carden impressed me with the breadth of his knowledge and scared me with the amount of issues starting a small business involves.--Terri M, Lafayette  

Mr. Carden had a lot of helpful information. Mainly he helped by letting me know the exact steps I needed to follow to succeed.--Kalee R., Pontotoc 

James Carden did an excellent job explaining the detail and commitment it takes to start a business. It's overwhelming, but it is outstanding information.--Sovent T., Lafayette

It was a great experience. I know more about how to plan for my business that I am thinking to start.--Azad H., Lafayette

I was given a wealth of knowledge about my business plan. I am able to start working on it right away. I feel comfortable enough to use SBDC services to help me on my way, Thank you!--Tamenika H., Desoto

I felt the in depth information on target market was very helpful in seeing who my target market is in this area.--Shireen M., Lafayette

Very informative regarding structure of business and necessary format and data required for approaching creditors.  Helpful in making sure I understand the registration process as well as what banks look for.--Katherine L., Desoto

I was helped with planning a direction for my company and assistance in how I can begin to organize for finding funding.--Alex M., Lafayette

Very enjoyable and informative - excellent program, great research ideas and tools available.--James C., Lafayette

He was very informative about the financing process.--Darryl M., Washington

Wonderful presentation and loved the stories for examples. GREAT!!!--Ann L., Washington

James did a fantastic job informing me of what it takes to start a small business from demographics in Oxford to step-by-step prep for my business plan. I will definitely be back.--Lindsey B., Lafayette

Everything about SBDC was excellent.  He was a good teacher and I will see him in the next two weeks.--Derenda W., Benton

The experience help motivate me to initiate a lifelong dream of being an entrepreneur.  james encouraged and helped me lay out a plan for me to start my own business.--Christopher D., Lafayette

I had a nice time. He is a excellent teacher. I would like to see him again.--Lakeitha J., Benton

Mr. Carden was prompt and efficient to my needs, provided great direction and resources to have proper documentation for next class and the start of my business plan.--Yetta R., Marshall

This is the first time I have had an opportunity to sit before a small business counselor. I truly learned how to think out of the box. I will refer this counselor.--Johnnie T., Tallahatchie

I learn alot from this counselor, especially LLC and how to be prepare to tell your story.--Scottie H., Tallahatchie


I visited with my counselor today and I was very pleased with the information that was provided to me concerning the business.--Alicia C., Hinds

It was a wonderful experience. The counselor was very knowledgeable and offered plenty of valuable information. I would highly recommend this service to others.--Valencia B., Madison

Our experience at SBDC was very informative.  Mr. Brown was patient, and shared a realistic plan for us to get started in business.  He did not make us feel incompetent or inferior.--Lena T., Hinds

Great service.  My counselor was very patient and knowledgeable in all areas.--Tearnia J., Simpson

Eye opening learning experience pertaining to business paths!--Valerie S., Hinds

My experience was very fulfilling. Sitting down with Mr. Jones opened my eyes to put my vision into perspective. It was a very enlightening experience. This help will only make my vision flourish.--Krystle E.,  Hinds

Mr. Sydney Brown did an excellent service to all my questions regarding 8A certification.--Blessilda S., Harrison

Counselor was very informative and helpful with business plans and start up information.--Eric G.,  Hinds

A good one. I was inform on what I need to do to get what I want out of my business.--Willie H., Hinds

Gave great advice on my business plan.--Larry R., Hinds

Correspondence and working with Don has been the greatest business contact, help I've experienced in this journey. Awesome at his job.--Lascie H.,  Hinds

Mr. Jones was a jewel! Very informative! Enjoy my meeting with him.--Ann H., Hinds

I expressed an urgency to acquire funds for my business.The counselor, Mr. Sydney Brown told me to come to his office immediately to start the process which assured me I'm working with someone who cares about my situation and how he can help to address my needs.--Maurice C.,  Hinds

My visit was very informative and gave me the information I needed.--Chris K., Lamar

The people are helpful and attentive. I am so happy I came.--Jacqueline C., Hinds


The service I received was very good.  Really enjoyed learning about starting a new business and got a lot of good advice!--Charles S., Rankin

I came today for guidance with regards to the formation of a new business.  Mr. James Bennett was very knowledgeable and helpful. He gave me much valuable information I plan to put to use.--Jennifer B., Madison

It has been very helpful and gained lots of knowledge on my quest.--Cindy M., Harrison

Helped me a lot.--Mariah S., Hinds

I think the meeting we had with Mr. James Bennett was a tremendous help  We are excited to do business knowing that we have great help and assistance from SBDC.--Dexter W., Hinds

My experience was great. I was give a lot of much needed information. I will be coming back.--Selma A., Copiah

Excellent -- services are needed!--Ellen M., Rankin


This was great!  Very helpful information and I am very empowered with this knowledge!  Thanks!--Linda M., Oktibbeha

Dustin Odom was very insightful with his recommendations and information.--Mark W., Neshoba

Very helpful - good information to help with my business and a commitment to help in the future. Please keep funding going!--Sylvia F., Monroe

My experience was great; very informational!--Christina M., Lauderdale

Could not have asked for a better counselor! Dustin spent all the time we needed and went indepth with all his answers to our questions. Above and beyond our expectations! We will be back.--Heather S., Lauderdale

Very informative and much needed information given. Gained tons of clarity on some questions I had.--George L., Lowndes

The SBDC was extremely helpful to me in supplying necessary information to form our business plan.--Graham R., Oktibbeha

This program is very helpful. It helps take the load off of your thinking process because this can be very overwhelming.--Pamela M., Lauderdale

Very informative session and will definitely be using the services again by attending future seminars.--Josh M.,  Clarke

Mrs. Scott really helped me and I look forward to working with her in the future.--Erica H., Monroe

This was a great experience and I feel like I have a better understanding of opening my business.--Pam L., Lowndes


Connie was an amazing help.  She listened to every concern and gave valuable info.--Lakendra C. and Rontara S., Jackson

Very helpful, great advisor, wealth of helpful/interesting information.  Would definately recommend to others!--Delya R., Harrison

We were impressed in the knowledge that she rendered to us.  The willingness to help us meant a great deal to us.--Roth B., Harris

I had a wonderful experience today.--Maddison N., Hancock

Very pleasant talking to Mitch.  He was very helpful.--Louis S., Hancock

Connie is very knowledgeable and patient.  I will look forward to following up with her through this process.--Maria S., Hancock

Very informative, patient and provided the information that I needed.--Autumn M., Harrison

I received the information that I was searching for. The counselor was knowledgeable about the subject and gave me pointers on how to better design my product.--John S., George

I found Dr. Whitt to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant to discuss my business plans. He was realistic and encouraging. Wonderful community and business service.--Dorothy M., Harrison

Mitch did an outstanding job explaining the business setup process. He has made me feel really comfortable in starting my lawn care service.--Whitney B., Jackson

My counselor was Mitch McDowell and he provided excellent services. He provided me with all the information I was seeking.--Sabrina P., Jackson

Mr. McDowell super  helpful. I'm thankful he explained and assisted me with several processes I was lost at doing!--Tim G., Harrison

Very informative.--Tracey S., Harrison

I love the fact that I had no appointment at the time yet was allowed to speak to someone quickly. She also address my fears of reveal my idea so I could speak freely about my business idea.--Chester D.,  Jackson

Very helpful.--Shannon G., Harrison

Mitch was extremely helpful. Opening an new business is a bit daunting and even business owners don't do it daily. Its awesome to have this kind of help local and very much appreciated!--Patricia D., Harrison


I contacted ECCC to discuss several potential businesses and Mr. Westbrook was a great help. Suggestions and analyzing was a tremendous help with the businesses!--Dee Sandra B., Neshoba

Most helpful. Wish I had been here 2 months ago.--Leslie W., Newton

Ronnie was very helpful and brought several important facts to my attention. He was very knowledgeable about my business and asked important questions about future plans I was planning.--Van H., Jasper

He was very friendly and answered all my questions. He was really knowledge on the subject.--Jessica B., Jasper

Mr. Westbrook is awesome! I attended his Understanding Business Financial Statements workshop. Not only was he knowledgeable, but he added a Business Plan at our request He didn't wait. He looked at his calendar and set-up the workshop on the spot. I'm impressed! Thanks Mr. Westbrook.--Shundra B.,  Newton

Starting care home for elder citizens.--Billy G., Scott

Thank you!--William P., Winston

Counselor was very knowledgeable in the areas I needed help. Spoke in terms easy to understand. Personable and very helpful with the little information I gave him.--Annie H., Winston

I am a repeat client. I've been helped in ways I couldn't imagine. Everyone that start or in biz should stop here first.--Charles G., Scott

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